Castine, Maine is my muse

17123Judy Harrison of The Bangor Daily News stopped by the other day to talk about my book and my life in the little village of Castine, Maine.

Her story begins with this line:

“Peter Davis may never have written his novel “Girl of My Dreams” if he hadn’t moved to Castine from New York City in 1990.”

I wrote most of GIRL OF MY DREAMS in Castine in a house with a distant view of the harbor where Indians traded with Europeans and part of the American Revolution was fought. It’s an inspiring location, filled with history that is illuminated by the early first-light sunrise of each morning.

For me, Castine provides an incomparable spectacle where the land meets the water, and without the noise and activities of New York City, where most of my career has taken place, Castine is a haven for my imagination.

My daily routine is to go to the local market each morning to buy the BDN and hear the day’s chatter

Here's a shot taken by Alicia Anstead. You can see the Maine vibe to our neighborhood.

Here’s a photo taken by Alicia Anstead. You can see the Maine vibe to our neighborhood.

from neighbors. After breakfast, I head to my office where I write until lunch. I return after lunch and stay until evening, when I exercise and eat dinner with my family. I suspect these habits are not so different from other writers who have lived in Castine: Robert Lowell, Mary McCarthy, Philip Booth, Elizabeth Hardwick. And others who still live here or spend summers here: Jeffrey Lewis, Lee Smith, Deborah Joy Corey, John Mankiewicz, Jane Mendelsohn, Jenny Bicks. I like to think of the buzz of thoughts among all of us writing here each day. That inspires me as well.

Here’s Judy’s story, which I hope you will enjoy. If you’re reading this post, please let me know where you find inspiration. I’m interested in places that fire the imaginations of artists.

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