Other Works

The Nation Magazine

“Letter from El Salvador”
“Vietnam: Thirty Years On”
“The View from Prague”
“Ignited Iraq”


Huffington Post

“Beware the Greeks”
“The Debate about Pearl Harbor”
“On Turning 75”
“Remembering Producer Bert Schneider”

Vanity Fair

“How Jackie O Played Matchmaker to Two of America’s Greatest Minds”

Esquire Magazine

“The Lonely Prince” (cover story)
“The One Hundred Thousand Dollar Woman”
“The Unknown Anti-War Soldier”


The New York Times Magazine

“The Sex Offender Next Door” (cover story)


The Bangor Daily News

“A Tree Grows in Castine”


Additional writing
Essay on the novel Day, by A. L. Kennedy in BOOKS: The Essential Insider’s Guide, edited by Mark Strand

Introduction to War Plays, by Christine Evans